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Impact Aid Program – Jan 2017 Webinars

The Impact Aid Program has a number of webinars coming up to help applicants prepare their FY 2018 applications. You must register for each webinar in advance using this link —

Click on Training Center, and Upcoming to see the webinar, then click Register. Times are shown as Eastern Standard Time, so adjust your calendar for your time zone. Select the appropriate Impact Aid Webinar topic by date listed below:

January 4 – Section 8002 for New Applicants
January 5 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 10 – Novice Section 8003 Applicant Overview
January 12 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 17 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 19 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 24 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 26 –“Ask an Analyst” open for your questions
January 30 – “Ask an Analyst” open for your questions

Impact Aid Regulations Webinar – Slides and Logistics

One of our members attended an online meeting regarding updates to the Impact Aid Program’s regulations.   Here are some documents from the meeting that may be useful.






Impact Aid Program News

We have released final FY 2011 payments for Section 8002, Payments for Federal Property. These payments should reach local banks by Friday, October 30 and we are emailing the payment vouchers.

We also are planning to release final FY 2012 Section 8002 payments in November. We are not releasing FY 2016 Section 8002 foundation payments at this time, pending availability of a full appropriation of funds for FY 2016.

The Department of Education continues to operate under a Continuing Resolution and we have limited funds available for FY 2016 initial Section 8003 payments. If your school district needs an initial payment before the end of January, you may request an early payment using the form at this link:


Impact Aid Program News

This week the Impact Aid Program released initial FY 2016 Section 8003 payments to 172 applicant LEAs that requested an early payment. These initial payments are set at a rate of 60% of LOT and $700 per weighted unit for children with disabilities.

We do not have full funding for Impact Aid at this time. Last week the Congress provided continuing resolution to keep the Federal government operating until December 11.  Under the continuing resolution, the Impact Aid Program has $248,568,316 available for FY 2016 Impact Aid payments. The payments released so far total $76,431,185.  This is approximately 30% of the funds available.

Some applicants that requested an early payment cannot receive an initial payment at this time because of unresolved application review issues. In some instances an amendment submitted late in the season must be reviewed before a payment can be released.

If your school district will need an initial payment before the end of November and you have not requested an early payment, you may request a payment now using this link Please do not send duplicate requests.


OASIS News – OK State Dept of Education Data

I think that is very possible and we may even have it [OASIS 2011 Data] available tomorrow. We are waiting on about 10 districts to respond in order to finish the ratio letters and our Data personnel are confident that we can have the other letter concerning Special Education information possibly ready tomorrow if not Tuesday at the very latest. After these two sets of information are ready (and we most likely will not wait on those 10 districts to post if the other letter is ready), I will request that they both be posted to our Financial Accounting webpage as pdf documents for dissemination so you are not waiting on a fax or mail.
Thanks for your patience and I will send an email out letting everyone know they are ready to print off as soon as they          are ready.
Chad Bratton, Executive Director 
Financial Accounting/OCAS & Auditing
Oklahoma State Department of Education
2500 North Lincoln Blvd, Room 4-20
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4599
Phone: (405) 521-2517
Fax: (405) 522-3271